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Do Pit Bulls make Good Pets (8 reasons)

If you are someone new to the pit bull breed, then you can find a lot of hate out there that targets these lovable dogs. I am here to tell you that here are 8 great reasons that tell you why the pit bull myth is wrong. These are some magnificent dogs.

Do pit bulls make good pets? Pit Bulls are one of the most loyal dog breeds that you can own but require lots of socialization and training to help them be magnificent dogs. Often these dogs suffer from a lack of leadership in the form of people who don’t have the time to exercise or train them.  Most times that these dogs are in the news, I can single-handed point more of the finger at the owner and less at the dog itself.

So if you want to learn more about why pit bulls make great pets, then continue to read on and learn why I love the pit bull breed.

1. Pit Bulls are Loyal

Pitbull Man Smiling

Pit bulls are one of the most loyal dogs that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. These animals will bond with you and then just love you.

When a pit bull bonds with a family, all the members of that family become part of their pack and it shows. They will defend the smallest babies, the biggest men that exist. Do not let their rather small frames and bodies (some of them) fool you, they have more strength than it seems.

If you want a dog that will throw itself into danger to save you then pit bull is most likely your hero. These dogs are fearless and loyal to a fault.

2. Pit Bulls are easy to train


These big-headed brutes may seem like they have a head full of bricks, but you would be wrong. Even with my first Staffordshire terrier, I learned quickly that these dogs have intelligence far past what we give them.

From figuring out puzzles to escaping things like collars and backyards, there isn’t much a pit bull can’t do when it wants something. Which can be a double-edged sword if you don’t train them properly.

3. Pit Bulls have short coats and minimal grooming

A pit bulls coat sheds just like any other dog about two times per year, but their coats are normally very short. Because of these short coats, they require little brushing or grooming on your part.

This makes them great for homes that don’t want to buy special vacuums for dog hair. In most cases, you can get by with simple lint rollers like this one.

4. Pit Bulls loves to cuddle

We talked about this in one of our previous articles, but pit bulls are one of the most cuddly dogs that you will find. They will constantly want to be in your space when you are around, so make sure you’re ready for that.

These are not the dogs that will just lay on the floor and leave you alone, although they will. In most cases they want to be by you if not on top of you.

Why do pit bulls like to cuddle so much

5. Pit Bulls are healthy dogs

While no dog is immune from diseases and illness, pit bulls are one of the more sturdy breeds. They can take tumbles and fall with ease and they shrug off pain that normal dogs would curl up and cry about.

These dogs are tough as nails, and it shows through the determination when they want to achieve something. If you want a dog with less health problems, choosing a pit bull is not a bad choice.

6. Pit bulls are great with families

Pitbulls Love People

We mentioned above that they are loyal to a fault but when you are part of a pit bull’s family; they treat you like gold. They will take even a newborn baby and protect it when they get used to them.

Make sure that you take the proper care to teach kids the correct things to do with the dog, and you will find that they will have no problems being a doggy babysitter.

7. Pit bulls are athletic and love to play

Pitbull Outside

Because of the terrier breed being mixed in these dogs have no shortage of activities they like to engage in. Running around a yard crazy, check. Digging holes in your yard, check. Jumping, climbing and even carrying things, all checks.

These dogs will adventure, go anywhere and love the outdoors with their people. For those of you who are more athletic, these dogs can most likely keep up with you in a way that you can’t imagine.

8. Pit Bulls Funny to watch

Last, these dogs are just some of the most fun animals to watch. Go YouTube funny pit bulls and you will find no shortage of videos.

These dogs are some of the most talkative and they are hilarious to watch.


If these reasons haven’t made you think about getting a pit bull, then I am not sure what might change your mind. They are some of the best dogs that I have ever owned, and I think you would be a fool to pass up and opportunity to get one.

If you enjoyed this article and you want to learn more about pit bulls please check out our other articles here.

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