Why do Pit Bulls Like to Cuddle so Much

When you first get a pit bull breed you may be as shocked as I was to learn that they are big cuddle buddies, but why? A dog that is touted as one of the most dangerous sure loves to get in your space.

Why do pit bulls like to cuddle so much? All dogs cuddle for three specific reasons; they need warmth; they want to bond with you or just their personality as a pack animal. Pit Bull has shorter fur than most breeds, so they will constantly want to cuddle and bond with their owner.

If you want to learn more about the science behind why the bully breed wants to cuddle more than other breeds I break it down below.

Pit Bull cuddle for warmth

A pit bull in most cases has short hair unless it’s a mixed breed. This short hair while great for the owner doesn’t provide the animal itself with enough hair to keep warm.

So if you are a pittie owner who keeps your house freezing, this can be one big reason that pit bulls want to get in your space and make some cuddle time with you.

For some this may be a problem as they might not want their dog in their space all the time. This can be remedied by giving the dog a place to bury themselves. Dogs commonly like to dig out spots that they can stick their noses or their entire body.

This is one reason we purchased something like this for Fiona. It helps keep her warm when we want the house freezing during hot summer days. In the winter you might find that they go to their house more than snuggle with you if they really enjoy their small apartment as we call it.

And if you have an enormous pile of blankets, towels or just clothes these make great caves for them also and cost zero dollars.

Our recommendation

Fiona likes this dog house the best. It gives her the most comfort and makes her feels snug when we aren’t at home. We really like this brand.

Pit Bull’s like to bond with their humans

Fiona with her favorite new toy

Even though they have one of the more troubled pasts most pit bulls are quick to bond with their family. They are one of the few dogs that I know of that show an unwavering loyalty towards their masters and the family itself.

Because of this, they constantly want your attention, affection and worst yet all your time. For someone who has the hours to spend bonding with their pit they will find that these dogs can never get enough of being with their human companions.

For those people who get a little too much bonding time with their pup, I would recommend an intelligence toy. These are specific toys which give the dog something to focus on rather than you. They can give you a much needed break and give them something to do.

Many of these toys have tons of great value because they make them keep your dog busy while also giving you a minor break. Fiona likes this brand of toy more than others, which I will link down below.

Our recommendation

We started Fiona off on the puppy Kong. Long story short, she killed it in a matter of months. Should’ve bought her the medium. Consider using the Black one for really heavy chewers.

Pit bulls are pack animals

Pitbulls Are Pack Animals
Dogs are pack animals

We mentioned above that they like to bond with their humans, which is one of the biggest reasons they are jumping into your lap as soon as you get home from work.

I also believe that because of their history they often follow a pack mentality more than most other dogs. This makes them fall into other behaviors such as finding an alpha, which is most like you.

When you come home from a long day at the office or maybe you just haven’t seen them for a while they are happy to have their leader back. Now you can direct them, which is something that a pit does very well.

The Science Behind Why pit bulls Cuddle

Besides everything that is listed above dogs cuddle because of some scientific reasons. One of the biggest is that pits cuddle as a way of relieving stress. By cuddling the animal is releasing levels of Oxytocin, which is a love hormone

By cuddling with you it makes you feel good, and it makes the dog feel good. So when they need a cuddle, give them a little time and see if they are just looking for some stress relief from a specific situation or problem.

My pit bull doesn’t like to cuddle? It could mean that you have a very alpha dog that doesn’t require bonding as much. They may see you as the pack and them as the leaders more. It could also be the personality of the dog itself. Not one animal is the same as any other animal.

My pit wants to get in my skin? This is common too, if you have a more stressed out dog because of their background or where they came from they may want to go with you everywhere. The key is figuring out what is behavior and when they are just being cute. Once again personality plays a big part and some pits just naturally want to be with you.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and deep dived into the world of cuddling pit bulls. If you only think that pit bulls are vicious dogs then you’ve never seen one run and jump into your lap while licking your face.

If you enjoyed this content and want to learn more about the pit bull breed, check out our website for more articles and information on pit bulls and how to take care of them.

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