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A Guide to a Black Pit Bull

Black pit bulls are a sought after color that is the second most popular color behind the blue (gray) pit bulls. These dark dogs are often wanted more for their fierce looks than personality.

A black pit bull can often look very intimidating with stark black coats that have no other colors many times they will have white chest areas or small white marks on their body, which is one reason they are highly wanted by breeders. They can cost upward of $2000 from breeders and are 17”-19” tall and weigh 20-88 pounds by adulthood.

If you want to learn more about Black Pit Bulls then keep reading as we will talk about all things pit bull below.

History of a black pit bull

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Pit Bulls have a very interesting history that started in the 1800s in the United Kingdom. They bred the dogs from Old English Bulldogs similar to the American Bulldogs.

They gained in popularity for bull baiting, which is a practice of putting two dogs in a pit to harass each other until they succumb to fatigue, injury or both. In 1835 enacted the cruelty to animals act which stopped bulls and bears from being used against the dogs.

In response, they turned their attention to ratting, which was putting a dog in a pit with a rat. This required the dog to have more speed and be more agile than the original pit bulls, which were bred for strength.

The breed was then crossbred with terriers and bulldogs, hence the name pit bull. 

Shortly after the civil war pit bulls were brought over from the United Kingdom to American which is where they gained the name “American” Pit Bull. They were bred once again for fighting, but later took on an all purpose role.

Some more common things that these dogs would do included

  • Herding cattle
  • Herding sheep
  • Guarding livestock
  • Protecting families from thieves and wild animals
  • Helping on hunts
  • Hunting hogs

As you can see they filled a variety of roles once people started using them for more than just fighting. Their loyalty and loving demeanor with people and especially children is where the nanny myth came from.

Today pit bulls make up much of the dogs that end up in shelters because of the poor history of fighting with other dogs. Many people have misconceptions of what pit bulls are and how to take care of them.

We hope to break that stigma with our website.

The Cost of a black pit bull

Because pure black pit bulls are one of the rarer colors among the pit bull coats, they are commonly pricey from breeders. Breeds can charge $800 to $1000 for a pure black pit bull puppy.

Puppies that are from more pure bred they can charge up to $2000. While pure black pit bulls are not the most expensive coat color they are certainly not cheap compared to more common colors like brindle and brown.

You can always search shelters and rescue a pit bull puppy from one of your local shelters while you can pick the colors. It’s not uncommon to find rarer color breeds in shelters.

If you do pick a pit bull from a breeder make sure the pit bull comes with the proper paperwork, you are getting what you paid for. They can mix pit bulls breeds with a lot of other dogs and if you want a purebred, then make sure it’s pure.

If you are not interested in breeders, there are tons of foster parents and shelters who would be happy to have you take a pit bull off their hands because of overpopulation.

Health of a black pit bull

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Pit bulls are one of the more healthy dogs but still suffer from several health risks. Below, we will go over some of the health risks that you can run into with a pit bull.

Skin problems: Pitbull’s for being such tough dogs have some very sensitive skin. They can have breakouts and lots of itching that might require them to take some kind of medication. Sometimes this can be solved by giving them Benadryl, but always check with your vet first before giving them over-the-counter medication.

Allergies: Just like the skin problems, these dogs commonly have some allergy issues which can cause things like “hot paws” which is where your dog’s paws will turn pink because of allergies. They may require you to seek vet help if they are not clearing up on their own.

Knee complications: Because pit bulls are such active dogs they can often tear their cranial cruciate ligament which can lead to other health problems. This happened to my first Staffordshire terrier, and he eventually had to be put down because the tear was so bad.

Hip Dysplasia: This is just joint pain that causes dog’s pain, which will stop them from jumping, running or being active. Some supplements can help with this, but check with your vet to make sure the dog doesn’t need more serious treatments.

Thyroid Disease: Pit bulls that gain too much weight might start to exhibit behavior changes, which can be due to the thyroid gland not producing enough hormones. Your vet will have to do blood work to determine the problem.

Black pit bull height

Breed of Pit BullGenderHeight
American Pit Bull TerrierMale17-20 inches
Female17-20 inches
American Staffordshire TerrierMale18-19 inches
Female17-18 inches
Stafford Bull TerrierMale14-16 inches
Female13-15 inches
American BullyMale21-23 inches
Female19-22 inches

Black pit bull weight

Breed of Pit BullGenderWeight
American Pit Bull TerrierMale35-65 pounds
Female35-65 pounds
American Staffordshire TerrierMale62-88 pounds
Female40-60 pounds
Stafford Bull TerrierMale28-37 pounds
Female24-34 pounds
American BullyMale30-55 pounds
Female30-55 pounds

Food requirements for black pit bulls

Black Pit Bull Tongue Out

Pit Bulls are dogs that can eat when you put food in front of them. They will often like anything that you are eating, but I would recommend you stick with the standard food guidelines.

Because pit bulls have sensitive stomachs, try to keep table food to a minimum. Some foods like fruits can be great avoid:

  • Apples (the seeds)
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Xylitol
  • Persimmons (seeds)
  • Avocado
  • Onions
  • Caffeine
  • Peaches (pit)
  • Plum (pit)
  • Chocolate

In very small doses these won’t harm your animal but in large doses they can kill a dog. If you dog accidently eats a grape or some onion it won’t kill them but more than just a bite and you will be visiting a vet.

Fiona is a big fan of dill pickles and olives. Try fresh foods out with your dog and see what they like.

1/3 cup3
1/2 cup6
3/4 cup10
1 cup15
1 2/3 cups20
1 3/4 cups30
2 1/4 cups40
2 2/3 cups50
3 cups60
3 1/2 cups70
3 3/4 cups80
4 1/4 cups90
4 1/2 cups100
Extra 1/3 cup for every 10 pounds if your dog weighs over 100 pounds

Grooming of black pit bulls

Black Pitbull Looking

All pit bulls’ coats are short and sleek, which is easy to care for. Some pit bulls mixes can have longer coats, but their coat is closer to their skin.

Pit bulls shed about two times per year, once in late fall and once in late winter. Brushing them weekly and baths can reduce the amount of hair in your home.

Picking the right shampoo can also help you reduce a dog’s skin irritations. When we first got Fiona, she had severe skin problems, which we talked about in another article. Buying the right products can help your pup.

Are Pit Bulls Afraid of Water

Overall, pit bulls are fairly easy to maintain when it comes to their coat and grooming.

Training a black pit bull

Pit bulls regardless of color take a special training that needs to meet many conditions. While pit bulls are highly intelligent, they can sometimes be stubborn or independent of their people.

  • You need patience
  • You need high-quality treats
  • You need to establish rules
  • You need to give them plenty of praise

For instance, with Fiona we have trained her to ring a bell by the back door when she needs to go out for bathroom breaks. Fiona has abused this but continues to ring the bell if she really needs to go. This took well over five months to develop, but we have reduced accidents to zero.

Pit bulls require a family that will guide them on the road to success. You can’t put them in situations where they are going to fail and then expect them to succeed. It takes a lot of time and your patience.

Routine also helps with dogs, routines drive them and enjoy the stability of knowing what is coming.

Pit bulls also respond well to high-quality treats, which as a puppy you can’t even give them enough of. Figuring out what their “money” is helps you to control the dog better.

Negativity behind the pit bull breed

Black Pitbull Spiked Collar

The pit bull breed has had a lot of negativity press over the years as being dogs that are harder to handle and just plain deadly. While these animals are certainly not anything like Golden Retriever or Poodles, they aren’t what the news makes them out to be.

Part of the negativity behind pit bulls falls into two specific categories for me:

  • People who want a dog but don’t want to care for it/train it
  • People who lack good leadership

Pit Bulls are higher energy dogs, which require someone to have patience and time to devote to training them to harness their energy and natural aggression. Some will argue that natural aggression will always be there because of breeding, but I don’t think that’s true.

Pit bulls are more pack animals than what you might consider. These dogs typically follow a leader and if one isn’t around, then they become the pack leader, which can create a power struggle.

As for people who want pit bulls, they are magnificent dogs, but if you are going to throw them in a fenced backyard and call it a day, then they aren’t the dog for you. They need training and conditioning when they are puppies for them to learn rights and wrongs such as playing with other animals.

So if you are just looking for a dog, then these might not be the dog for you. However, if you have time, patience and will train them, they can be a welcome addition to any family.

Caring for a black pit bull

A pit bull is not a hard dog to care for, but they do require more attention than other dogs. They will always want your attention and constantly be in your space.

Pit bulls are not what I would call a floor dog, although a good bed will focus them into being more of a floor dog. These are the pets that want to hang out with you as more of a friend rather than a pet.

Watching a movie? They will probably want to curl up with you. Going for a walk? They are going to want to come for a walk with you and smell everything.

The biggest thing that I try to stress is that these dogs are the type that need someone to give them guidance. So as long as you will put the time in, you will get a lot out of them.

Health wise they do have some health concerns which are mentioned up above but they are healthy dogs with minor problems.

Legal restrictions for a black pit bull

Black Pit Bull Looking Up

Pit bulls is a breed that has plenty of legal restrictions that you need to know about before adopting one. While there is no countrywide ruling on these animals, there are plenty of states that have banned them.

Specifically, the American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are the two specific breeds targeted the most. Color does not influence the decision mostly any dog that falls under these two are subject to bans and penalties from your local government.

You can see a few things happen if you get one of these breeds and ignore the rules or just have one regardless:

  • Higher insurance rates
  • Possibility of the dog being taken away
  • Some could report you for a dangerous animal
  • Fines imposed by owning a dangerous animal

These are just a few of the things, even without a dog attacking anyone or hurting anyone. Pit bull’s in some states in the United States have had to be surrendered to the state because they put bans in place against the breed.

Always check with the local government and check with vets to make sure you can own a dog of that type. 

Related Questions

Are black pit bulls excellent guard dogs? This is a complex question. First, not all pit bulls are equal. Depends on age, training, temperament and other factors. You can certainly raise a pit bull to be a protector, but they will probably not get along with other animals and human beings other than your family. They will take a pack mentality and anyone not part of that pack is a threat which could lead to dangerous situations.

Are black pit bulls good with children? Yes, if you train the pit bull and your child to play nicely together. Pit Bulls are a great protector of children when children don’t do things that provoke the dog. In fact, a quick search of YouTube will show you great relationships with young children and pit bulls, but they have developed these over time and through training.

Are black pit bulls good with other pets? If you have a pit bull at a very young age or a more passive pit bull, they are great with other pets. They can get along with cats, ducks, rabbits, birds, and even lizards. They require training to teach the dog that these animals are part of their pack, but once they recognize that, you will be good.


I hope this article has made you understand more about black pit bulls and what you can expect from the breed. If you enjoyed it, I would appreciate you sharing this article with others to bring attention to the correct things people should know about pit bulls.

If you liked this article and want to learn more, please check out our website where you can find more pit bull content.

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