About Pit Bull HQ

You are likely here because you want to know more about Pit Bull HQ and why it was started? I’ll try not to bore you.

Pit Bull HQ was started in Louisiana with the purpose of educating dog owners to become more aware of the breed of Pit Bulls. The primary purpose is to help eliminate people’s bias towards these very gentle giants.

Meet Frankie, my very first bully breed

Meet Frankie, he was a Staffordshire terrier which is a very common Pit Bull breed. We adopted him from some foster parents who had nowhere to put him because people didn’t want him.

Frankie was a great dog and taught me so much about the Pit Bull breeds and the mixed emotions they get from many people. He was one of the best dogs I have ever owned, even to this day.

Years later Frankie ended up getting hurt so bad during a simple play session with some other dogs (not an attack, just running) that he tore an important muscle in his leg. The dog was crippled and worse yet; the vet recommended putting him down when I wasn’t around. My Ex-wife sadly decided it was better for him.

Fast forward to today and we had been looking for a Boston Terrier or a smaller dog. We went to a shelter and adopted a little tiny boston.

Yay, we got a Boston Terrier mix. Wait, a second..

So we get her and take her to the vet only to find out immediately, she isn’t a Boston Terrier. She’s a Staffordshire terrier, aka a bully breed. We still love her, and so I set out to make a website that helps educate people about bully breeds.

The location we took her from had an issue with getting rid of the bully breeds because of overpopulation. So now we are raising another pit bull mix.

Granted, she is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. I hope you’ll join us in helping educate people and bring the pit bull breeds into a better light.