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How much do Pit Bulls Weigh

When I first got my very first pit bull, I had no idea how much an average sized pit bull should weigh, so I was worried when I got my baby pit bull. 

How much do pit bulls weigh? Pit Bulls range from 10-pound terrier sized dogs to massive 200-pound animals. Most pit bulls will fall into an average range depending on their makeup of 20 to 35 lbs but can go as high as 50-60-pounds for some males. Females are smaller than their male counterparts. When considering your pit bulls full size, always consult a vet to determine a good range for your bully.

If you would like to learn about more factors that can influence your pit bull’s weight, then see below. We are going to dive into if your pit bull is growing properly and some common weight facts that you might need to know.

Introduction to Pit Bull Weight

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If you are thinking about adding a Pit Bull to your family, make sure to keep the dog’s weight in mind. Pit Bulls are large dogs and, depending on the breed, can weigh 35 to 90 pounds. But while breed is important, there are many other factors that can contribute to your dog’s weight. These include age, size, sex, health and diet.

Is my pit bull growing properly

As pit bull owners, we are often asked if our dog is growing properly. Of course, there is no way for us to know without measuring our dog ourselves—not to mention that healthy dogs come in all shapes and sizes! 

Some of the key factors that affect a pit bull’s rate of growth and eventual size are genetics, diet, exercise, and weight. Pit bulls have a reputation for being muscular, so many people assume their dogs are growing up to be large breeds, but that is not always the case.

A common concern for owners of the American Pit Bull Terrier is how large their dog will become. It’s not uncommon for Pit Bull owners to believe that their dog is growing too slowly, or that it is growing too quickly. 

The Pit Bull breed is known for being “solid” and “stocky” meaning that they are of a medium to large size and are of a heavier build. If you have a Pit Bull, it’s important to understand that they will probably be of medium to large size for their entire life, and that it is highly unlikely that they will become thinner or more frail.

Is my pit bull underweight

We get a lot of questions from people wondering if their pit bulls are underweight. Fortunately, most of them aren’t, but occasionally we get a few. It’s hard to tell if your dog is underweight, especially if you’re not sure what the ideal weight should be for your dog. Luckily, dog calculators can help you figure out whether your dog is on the thin side, or if it’s just too darn cute.

There are many things that can force your dog to be underweight. They could have a food allergy, and might not eat the food they are given. You could be feeding them too much or not enough. Checking with your local vet will give you an idea of what you could do to improve your dog’s weight.

Factors that stunt pit bull growth

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“All dogs are individuals” goes the old saying—but that is especially true of pit bulls. While pit bulls are not the monstrous beasts they are made out to be by the media, they are also not all the same. 

One of the most common myths about pit bulls is that they are all giant, 100-pound animals. While most pit bulls are medium-sized dogs, they can range in size from a tiny 10-pound Boston terrier-like dog to a massive 200-pound animal. Some people believe that breed specific legislation (BSL) has made it impossible for pit bulls to continue to grow naturally.

What is the average pit bull’s weight

This is a common question that people ask daily. The answer is not as straightforward as you would think. The answer is that the pit bull breed can weigh anything from 35 pounds to 120 pounds. The reasoning behind this is that there are many breeds of pit bulls and they all play a factor into the weight of the dog. So, the size of a pit bull may grow to depend on what breed it is.

At maturity, male pit bulls will average about 31-50 pounds, while females weigh between 26-45 pounds. (The average for all dogs is about 25 pounds.) The biggest pit bulls can get as heavy as 68 pounds, and the shortest ones will not be under 16 inches in height. The average height for a male pit bull is about 30 inches, while the average female stands at 28 inches. (For comparison, the average height of a Labrador retriever is roughly 22-24 inches, and the average weight of a German shepherd is roughly 80 pounds.)

When do pit bulls stop growing?

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Pit bull dogs (or pitbulls) have long been feared as dog-aggressive and dangerous. The dogs are actually gentle, loyal and loveable, especially with the right training. They can make great family companions if given the right attention and space. Pit bulls do stop growing at a relatively mature age, but usually not until they are around two years old.

Pit bulls are a very popular breed, but not everyone knows that they are a mix of both terrier and bulldog bloodlines. This makes them a very energetic breed, which is why they are often used in sports like weight pulling and fly ball. 

However, one big problem with pit bulls is when they stop growing. As they get older, pit bulls can start to shrink, and this can have a lot of health and behavioral consequences for the dog.

How much bigger will my Pit Bull get?

The average Pit Bull will weigh between 30 and 70 pounds, but the size varies depending on the breed. Generally, the dog that is bred with a bigger breed will end up as a bigger dog than one bred with a smaller breed.

For example, an American Pit Bull Terrier that is bred with a Bulldog will end up heavier than one that is bred with a Staffordshire terrier breed. These dogs are a stockier dog than what most pit bulls will be.

How do I make sure my Pit Bull is healthy?


A good way to start this is to weigh your puppy. It is important to note how much your puppy weighs at each veterinary visit. Keep a spreadsheet and compare your dog’s weight to what your puppy weighs as they age.

Down below we talk about what the standard sizes are for many pitbulls. One thing that is rather interesting is that even the largest of pitbulls are lightweight. Most of the time they weigh significantly less than 80 pounds.

What is a good pitbull diet? More than just chicken

A good pit bull diet should be one that includes whole foods without grains or fillers. A good diet will offer your pit bull a combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. This diet will give your dog a balanced diet.

When you are picking a dog food, make sure that you are picking one that gives you a good mix of nutrients, especially if you wish to keep your dog at a healthy weight. There are several brands which offer great dog food, but make sure you are checking labels.

Just because a dog food is expensive does not mean that it is a good dog food. Do your own research and pick a high-quality dog food within your budget. We have many that we recommend.

Pit Bull Growth & Weight Chart

Below you will find a chart that will give you a basic idea of what your dog should weigh through all the different stages of their life. I recommend you consult a vet for more specific information.

By getting more information from your specific vet they can give you ideas for how to improve the weight if your dog without jumping through hoops to keep them healthy.


I hope this article has helped you understand the weight of your pit bull and what you should expect. If you are someone who wants to know more, please check out our website for more information on your pit bull puppy.

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