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Can You Remove a Pit Bulls Dew Claw

When you first get your puppy, you might notice that they have a claw that’s higher on the foot of a pit bull. These claws are typically a worry to some people because they have a tendency to get hung up on things.

Can you remove a pit bulls dew claw? A dew claw should only be removed when the dog is very young because of complications. The recovery time of the procedure takes about one week and costs roughly $30 to $70 for removal and the procedure. Broken claws can regrow back as long as they are not torn out completely.

So if you are wondering what type of complications or how they remove a dew claw then keep reading. We are going to dive into the history of dew claws.

Why do pit bulls have dew claws

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You might think that these little claws are dead appendages, but you would be wrong. Most dogs use dew claws to lightly grip things like bones and other objects.

The reason that most people remove these claws is that of the danger they pose to the animal. If your pit bulls is one that stays outside you might not have any issues. But a pit bull that is inside and runs on things like carpet or other surfaces such as sofas or couches can snag the claw.

As you might expect when a claw gets stuck in mid-run or just during play the dog does one of two things, either break the bone itself or rip out the claw. Both can cause great pain to the dog.

Hence the reason most people will declaw their dogs. Similar to our post on cropping the ears of pit bulls or removing a tail, they usually do these when the dog is very young. Unlike those two just mentioned

Dew claw removal procedure

The dew claw removal procedure requires the dog to be put under general anesthetic. With puppies, they may be sedated for the procedure.

The area will be disinfected before the procedure begins. Surgical scissors are used to cut through skin, muscle and bone to remove the dog’s toe. Once it is complete, the wound is closed with some suture. Older dogs may have their feed bandaged.

Some countries have outlawed dew claw removal because of the amount of pain it causes to the animal.

Dew claw removal complications

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The biggest drawback to dew claws are careless owners who do not keep these claws trimmed on the dog. If they get too long, they curl around and stick into the dog’s pad.

These claws can also get infected if they break and split without proper care or treatment. Unlike regular claws which sit low and can wear down on their own, dew claws are up high and require you to take the time to trim them if you are going to keep them.

How late can you remove dew claws

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They can remove dew claws at any age, however, in most cases they are removed when the dog is young. This is because the dog is small and won’t bite their feet, nor do they require as much care as a big dog.

As with everything, I would check with your local vet before removing a dog’s dew claw and getting their professional opinion on the problem.

Dew claw removal recovery time

Depending on the dog’s age and the issue with the claw itself, it can range from one week to longer. Older dogs will require more care and more recovery time than very young dogs.

Dew claw removal cost

The cost for removing the dew claw is fairly cheap, only $30-$70, but it requires an exam that is sometimes included in the removal’s cost. Some breeders will do their own dew claw removal, I highly recommend you seek a vet’s advice before doing anything like this.

The price will also vary depending on how many dew claws you are removing off your pit bull.

How to trim a dew claw

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I recommend using some of the following tools to trim dew claws. You don’t need anything very special, but if you are uncomfortable with the clippers(this is the pair we use) , then try the rotary tool, which is much easier to work with.

Here are a few tips:

  • Never cut the claws too short, just the tips.
  • If you can see a red quick, then cut only up to the quick otherwise the pit bull will bleed.
  • If the dog bleeds, use baking soda to make the wound stop bleeding.
  • Never leave a rotary device on the nail for more than a second or two as it can burn the nail, which causes pain.
  • Always remember they have local companies that will groom your pouch.

Related Questions

My dog’s dew claw came off, what do I do? If the whole claw is gone then the best things to do is leave it be. The dog might lick the area to clean it, this is normal. If the claw is bleeding or causing the dog pain, then bring them to a vet.

My dog’s nail is cracked or broken? Depending on the situation itself, you are probably going to want to go to a vet to stop an infection. Sometimes these nails will require you to remove the dew claw.

Can I use Neosporin on my dog’s claw? You can however they might lick the claw if it is hurting them, so I would only recommend using a small amount. Dogs are smart enough to keep the area clean without needing to apply anything to the claw.


I hope this article has helped you understand dew claws much better than when you came in. They are a mystery to many people, but handled correctly you won’t have any problems with them.

If you want more pit bull content, please visit our website for more information on pit bulls and understanding how to handle them.

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