Food & Bowls

These bowls and food related items are things that Fiona tried and loved. While these won’t fit all dogs, it worked for her.

1. Expandable Dog Bowls

Why we like it: This product gives us a portable and collapsible water bowl. You would be shocked at how useful this is.

Why Fiona like’s it: Unique colors as unique as her and even features two bowls.

Fiona’s Paw rating:


Why we like it: This stand make it’s easier for Fiona to eat her food in a way that stops her from eating at an angle that can cause problems.

Why Fiona like’s it: Much easier to eat from.

Fiona’s Paw rating:

1. Science diet dog food

Why we like it: This is the food that the doctor for Fiona originally recommended.

Why Fiona like’s it: Fiona wasn’t crazy over this brand of food but will still eat it. She prefers the other brand below.

Fiona’s Paw rating:

1. Purina one dog food

Why we like it: This food has real chunks of chicken and meat, which is nice. It’s also easy to find on the shelves at normal stores.

Why Fiona like’s it: Fiona woofs this food down where is the other would sit in the food bowl for days.

Fiona’s Paw rating: